The Diana Challenge 

Day 30 - Why do you love Diana?

I love Diana because she was real. She didn’t pretend to be someone she wasn’t, she admitted her faults and went through things everyday people go through. She is also one of the reasons HIV/AIDS was brought to the surface. I believe it’s because of her (and several other people in the limelight ) that so much research as been done to help find a cure and ways to slow down the process of AIDS/HIV

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William and Diana

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Sporty Princess Diana and those amazing, long, toned and famous legs.


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This photograph of the Princess of Wales meeting Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman was taken at the 1992 screening of Far and Away at Leicester Square in London. 

Tom Cruise was one of the first to call in to CNN when he heard about Diana’s death. Understandably, he spoke about the danger of the aggressive paparazzi. According to CNN, he said that he and Nicole Kidman had been harassed by paparazzi in the very tunnel where Diana’s crash occurred. He said they were “devastated” by the news, and furious at celebrity photographers.

“They run lights and they chase you and harass you,” Cruise said. “It happens all over the world. And it has certainly gotten worse. You look at the kind of money that is generated for the newspapers and for these paparazzi’s — that’s why” they are so persistent.”

 Tom and Nicole were included on the list to Princess Diana’s funeral since Diana’s Christmas card list was used to help determine who would be invited. The Cruises were on there, along with Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Steven Spielberg.

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1980: Lady Diana Spencer during a formal evening at Althorp

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July 7, 1989: Diana, Princess of Wales watches the Cartier Polo Trophy match with Prince William

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Diana, William and Harry in Niagara Falls, Canada. October 1991

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July 29, 1981: The new Prince and Princess of Wales make a balcony appearance and surprise the well wishers below with a kiss 

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July 29, 1981: Lady Diana Spencer pledges her love to Charles Prince of Wales

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July 29, 1981: Lady Diana Spencer arrives at St. Paul’s Cathedral by glass coach for her wedding to the Prince of Wales

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